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boy running in woods

Obstacles to Committed Action: Experiential Avoidance

The following is an excerpt is from Committed Action in ...
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teen making choices

The Discoverer: Learning Through Trial and Error

By Louise Hayes, PhD The discoverer helps us push out ...
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windows to outdoors

New Frontiers in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: There’s Nobody Home

Author: Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD The current mindfulness craze—if we ...
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laura parnell emdr

How EMDR Can Work for You: Adapt to the Needs of your Client

EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) has been thoroughly researched ...
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cut-out heart in hand

Training Self-Compassion in Clinical Practice

The following excerpt has been adapted from The ACT Practitioners ...
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photo illustration - sun, clouds, water, woman's mind

Exposure Therapy for Anxiety-Related Disorders

Authors: Kirstyn L. Krause and Martin M. Antony Department of ...
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Respondent and Operant Learning and Their Impact in Groups

The following excerpt has been adapted  from Evolution and Contextual ...
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seated men talking

How Neurofeedback Can Change the Way We Approach Trauma Treatment

Author: Craig Piaget Traumatized clients may be living with the ...
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bullhorns and voice bubbles

Actions as Loud as Words

By Sonja V. Batten, PhD As a therapist or coach, ...
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