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Discovering New Opportunities in the Present Moment

The following is an excerpt from Learning ACT, 2nd edition ...
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Outcomes with ACT: Behavior in Context

The following excerpt is from Learning ACT, 2nd edition, by ...
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act dance

Learning the ACT Dance: Tailoring Your Practice to Fit Different Clients

The following is an excerpt from Learning ACT Second Edition ...
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Do You Know How Your Patients Feel in Session?

By David D. Burns, MD Years ago, I read an ...
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digital brain

The Three Contexts of FACT: Sociocultural, the Mind, and the Observing Self

The following article has been adapted from an excerpt of ...
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video game controls

Superhero Therapy: Healing Grief Through Video Games

Author: Janina Scarlet, PhD Losing a parent can be devastating ...
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Obstacles to Committed Action: Experiential Avoidance

The following is an excerpt is from Committed Action in ...
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teen making choices

The Discoverer: Learning Through Trial and Error

By Louise Hayes, PhD The discoverer helps us push out ...
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New Frontiers in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy: There’s Nobody Home

Author: Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD The current mindfulness craze—if we ...
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