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Committed Action: Creating a Life of Integrity

By: Steven C. Hayes, PhD, author of Learning ACT and ...
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Louise Hayes, PhD

The Thriving Adolescent: Guest Post by Louise Hayes

Editor's note: The following guest blog is contributed by Louise ...
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hands holding a glowing ball of connected dots

ACT: Redefining Health and Wellness

Author: Lou Lasprugato, MFTNearly 14 years after the “third wave” ...
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How Can We Effectively Meld ACT and DBT?

Author: Michel Reyes, PhdClinicians often integrate multiple therapeutic models to ...
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Building a Safe Foundation With Mindfulness

Through trauma and loss, people can lose their sense of ...
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act matrix sketch

The ACT Matrix: Mindfulness Without “Mindfulness”

The ACT Matrix, developed by Kevin Polk, PhD, and othersThe ...
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ACT Briefly: Myths and Facts

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, you may be ...
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photo illustration of shoes choosing gender symbols

Rejection Sensitivity for Gender and Sexual Minorities from a Functional Analytic Perspective

Author: Darin Witkovic, MA, PhD candidate at Palo Alto UniversityAs ...
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Mindfulness, A Practical Tool For Connecting With Clients

Problems get ahold of us from the moment we arise ...
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