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5 Ways Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Improves Outcomes in Group Therapy

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) maximizes the change mechanisms of ...
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ACT Can Help You Do More With What You Have

ACT BootCamp is a 4-day, live intensive training that is ...
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ACT BootCamp: What’s in it for Behavior Analysts?

By Tom Szabo, PhD, BCBA-D​ Have you ever found yourself ...
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A Look into the Future of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

By Jason Luoma, PhD, coauthor of Learning ACT, 2nd Edition ...
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The Two Kinds of Conversations We All Have with Our Clients

By Kelly G. Wilson, PhD What I want with my ...
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Moving From the Anxious Mind Toward Compassionate Thinking

By Dennis Tirch, PhD, ACT Trainer Anxiety, when it descends ...
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Letting Go of Being the Hero, Having the Answers, and Solving Problems in Session

By Jessica Borushok, PhD. ACT Trainer We’ve all been guilty ...
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Rising to the Challenge of Not Believing Everything You Think

By Kelly G. Wilson, PhD, Professor of Psychology at the ...
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Guiding Valued-Based Choices with RFT Theory and a Card Deck

By Chad Drake, PhD, assistant professor at Southern Illinois University Choices ...
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