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How Avoiding Emotions Keeps Them at High Intensity

The normal wave pattern of emotions get interrupted and extended ...
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5 Ways Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Improves Outcomes in Group Therapy

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) maximizes the change mechanisms of ...
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Positive and Negative Reinforcement in Context: A Look Inside Relational Frame Theory

Relational frame theory (RFT) posits that human actions never take place ...
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The Inner, the Outer, and the Soul: An Intro to Metaphor in Behavior Analysis

by Niklas Törneke, MD, author of Metaphor in Practice The ...
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Connecting Relational Frames to Human Suffering

Acceptance and commitment therapy is based on Relational Frame Theory ...
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Cultivating Our Inner Guides: Notes from ACBS WorldCon Seville

Pre-conference has just completed at ACBS WorldCon in Seville, Spain ...
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How to Make a Snowflake: Praising Talent in Youth

How do we motivate young people to grow and develop? ...
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Your Brain on Compassion

The compassion focused therapy (CFT) model is based on research ...
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