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Actions as Loud as Words

By Sonja V. Batten, PhD As a therapist or coach, ...
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How Trauma Impacts Body and Health

The following is an excerpt from Heal the Body, Heal ...
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Compassion and Psychological Flexibility

The following is an excerpt from The ACT Practitioner's Guide ...
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Learning to Incorporate ACT Into Your Practice

The following is an excerpt from Learning ACT Second Edition ...
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Defeating Trauma With Your Inner Superhero

By Janina Scarlet, PhD Have you ever wanted to be ...
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Treating OCD With Mindfulness and CBT

By Jon Hershfield, MFT Clinicians experienced in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder ...
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3 Greatest Challenges to Be(com)ing a Culturally Competent Therapist

By Monica Johnson, PsyD & Michelle Melton, PsyD Multiculturalism. Diversity. Inclusion ...
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By Steven C. Hayes, PhD Last week I was giving ...
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Practicing Self-Care with Acceptance and Values-Based Action

By Matt Boone, LCSW Helping people is hard work. It ...
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