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Moving Away From the DSM and Toward Evolutionary Science: Process-Based CBT

An Interview with Stefan Hofmann, PhD & Steven C. Hayes, ...
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Adding ACT To Your Toolkit as a Behavior Analyst

By Evelyn Gould, PhD, BCBA-D, LABA As an Applied Behavior ...
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Guidelines for Working with Creative Hopelessness

This blog is an excerpt from Learning ACT, 2nd ed ...
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Doing Couples Work With the ACT Matrix

By Benjamin Schoendorff, MA, MSc & Kathryn Palmer, M.Ed., RP, ...
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Patricia Robinson

Using ACT Briefly in Powerful Ways: An Interview with Patricia Robinson, PhD

What is the biggest mistake that clinicians make in terms ...
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The Process-Based Future

Authors: Stefan Hofmann, PhD & Steven C. Hayes, PhD For ...
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Unlocking the Superpower of Emotion Efficacy

By Aprilia West, PsyD, MT Some 70 percent of people who ...
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Fostering Emotion Efficacy in Clients

Many evidence-based therapies focus on teaching clients to use coping ...
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Accelerating Recovery with TEAM-CBT

By David D. Burns, MD There have been many exciting ...
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