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The Secret to Working Less For Faster Results With Your Clients

By Benjamin Schoendorff, MA, MSc Imagine you could work less ...
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What Does It Mean to Master Act?

​As a clinician, how do you go from feeling connected ...
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act matrix sketch

Moving Toward What’s Important: An Intro to the ACT Matrix

by Kevin Polk, PhD, and Benjamin Schoendorff, MA The key ...
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steven hayes and workshop attendee seated

ACT as a Dance: Gliding With Your Clients Toward Psychological Flexibility

ACT co-founder Steven C. Hayes, PhD leading an experiential exercise ...
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Case Formulation in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: A Principal-Driven Approach

By Gillian A. Wilson, MA, and Martin M. Antony, PhD––Department ...
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Staying Faithful to the Heart of ACT

Over the years, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) has grown ...
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Using ACT As a Tool To Recognize Behavior Patterns

​By Jessica Borushock, PhD  Many of my clients come in ...
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Pronoun Problems: Cultivating Compassion To Gender and Sexual Minority Clients

By Sonia Singh, PhD candidate “I don’t understand these/they/them/their people ...
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Timing as a Tool in ACT: Going for Gold vs. Going for Broke

By Darrah Westrup, PhD, author of Advanced Acceptance & Commitment ...
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