FREE WEBINAR: An ACT Approach to Parental Burnout

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Lisa Coyne, PhD Leading ACT expert and author
Evelyn Gould, PhD, BCBA-D, LABA Clinical behavior analyst and researcher

About This Course

Parental burnout is a specific syndrome resulting from enduring exposure to chronic parenting stress. It is not ordinary stress, and signs can include exhaustion in one’s parental role, contrast with previous parental self, and emotional distancing from one’s children.

To date, research on parental burnout has focused on understanding what makes parents vulnerable to this condition. Researchers have found that parents are at greatest risk when they aim to be perfect parents, lack emotion and stress management abilities, lack emotional or practical support from the coparent or broader social networks, have children with special needs that interfere with family life, or they work part-time or are stay-at-home.

For many of these risk factors, COVID-19 really is the perfect storm...

This free live webinar will focus on strategies for parents dealing with the struggles presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and shelter-in-place orders. Topics covered will include:
  1. Starting where you are: Acknowledging how hard things are and being gentle with yourself
  2. Create Your own Safe Harbor: Ways to build a support group
  3. How to carve out time for yourself during the day
  4. Mindful awareness and acceptance practice
  5. A focus on allowing yourself to feel anger, sadness, stress, and also choose to not act on it/react to it. (It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. We all are.)
  6. Learn defusion exercises to help you step back from your thoughts
  7. Methods to engage in self-compassion, shift your expectations, and let yourself off the hook. (The world has tilted on its axis – it is not upon you to fix it.)

Whether you are a mental healthcare provider working with parents, or a parent yourself, join us online for this exploration in how self-compassion can begin to dismantle parental burnout, and help to ease the burden of this crisis.


Session 1: May 12, 2020, 5:30 pm-7:00 pm EDT

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