FREE WEBINAR: Teens and the Times

Using DNA-v to help your teen cope with change and challenge

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Louise Hayes, PhD Co-founder of the DNA-V model, author, and clinical psychologist

About This Course

Everything is changing. We have isolation, stay at home orders, COVID-19, climate change, economic downturn, the list goes on and on. Then add to this school, study, changing relationships and all the other stressors that adolescents brings. Right now it can difficult for any of us to cope, but think for a moment of how this might all sit on young shoulders. These are difficult times for sure, and yet, humans can and do adapt and sometimes we even find our strength.

In this webinar we will use DNA-V, the youth model of acceptance and commitment therapy, to help young people adapt to change and even thrive in the midst of it. When change occurs, their advisors go on overdrive predicting gloom and doom, they have strong emotions, and they can feel isolated and alone. We will use DNA-V to help young people manage their stress and turn toward proactive and flexible responding.

You will hear Louise talk about:
  1. Emotions in young people in the midst of isolation and change, and how to help them with coping skills.
  2. How problem solving goes into overdrive, and how to help young people develop flexible thinking.
  3. How to create change with new behaviours, practice and creativity.


Session 1: May 5, 2020, 5 pm-7 pm EDT

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