Smaller Communities Project

The PraxisCET Smaller Communities Project is a service initiative that brings ACT training to practice communities around the country that are further from major metropolitan areas and regularly scheduled training circuits.

Exploring the SCP begins when you contact us, explaining your situation and your training needs. One of our staff will start a conversation with you about possible assets in your area, including:

  • Low-cost or no-cost venues
  • Professional and social networks that could promote your training event
  • Motivated volunteers to support the event

Once we determine together what would make your training event viable, Praxis will find an experience trainer who is well-matched to your training needs. We’ll schedule and promote your event, and we’ll handle registration and CE administration through our website. In most cases, our goal will be to cover all the expenses of the training event through registration fees so that the event will be at no cost to your organization.

To start a conversation about your Smaller Communities Project event, please fill out the following contact form:

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