Francesca degli Espinosa, PhD, BCBA-D

I fell in love with behaviour analysis in 1996, when I began working as a tutor for a child with autism, and almost immediately I became interested in interventions that could both define and establish generalised learning: the ability to demonstrate novel responses within an operant class without each individual response having been previously reinforced. I was given the opportunity to explore this question when I worked as the Lead Clinician for the first UK-based EIBI outcome study (Remington et al., 2007), and within that context developed the Early Behavioural Intervention Curriculum (EBIC) as an intervention framework derived from functional analyses of language. This work subsequently formed the principal focus for my Doctoral thesis (2011).

My clinical and research interests eventually settled on, and continue to be, advanced applications of contemporary analyses of verbal behaviour (Horne & Lowe, 1996; Michael, Palmer, & Sundberg, 2011) as a basis for establishing generalised verbal repertoires, and, thereby, as a means of minimising the need to teach specific individual verbal responses. Currently, I divide my time between the UK, where I live, and Italy, my home country, where I teach behaviour analysis to postgraduate students at the University of Salerno and support professionals in developing effective interventions.

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