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Timothy Fuller, PhD, BCBA-D

Dr. Timothy Fuller received his PhD from the University of Nevada, Reno and current serves as a Director at Fit Learning. Dr. Fuller’s applied experience includes EIBI, where he worked with children with autism in an in-home ABA program. From there, he expanded his applied experience to include Precision Teaching and parent, teacher, and staff training. Dr Fuller’s experimental work has primarily focused on derived relational responding and the role that context plays in human behavior. He has had the opportunity to share his theoretical, experimental, and applied work nationally and internationally, and has supported graduate training efforts in the Middle East. His professional service has included service on the Board of Empower Youth, a 501c3 non-profit that is dedicated to transforming the future opportunities of under-served youth through the science of learning. Dr. Fuller has also served on the council for the Standard Celeration Society, as UNR’s representative to ABAI’s student council, and as a student representative of NABA in 2007. Dr. Fuller is passionately committed to participating in and supporting other’s efforts to fulfill on the possibilities that the science of behavior affords all humans everywhere.

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