ACT Webinars Season 4: Session 05

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Robyn Walser, PhD
February 6, 2018, 1 pm—3 pm EST

The moral dimensions of trauma and post trauma reactions have recently been explored. Witnessing, failing to prevent, or perpetrating actions that transgress personal moral values and beliefs have been defined as moral injury and represents a potentially significant factor in the development of PTSD and other mental health problems for a significant number of trauma survivors. This presentation will focus on using ACT to treat moral injury and how to help clients build a life after experiencing a moral wound.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe and contrast moral pain with its clinical relevance to ACT as a treatment of trauma.
  2. Demonstrate applying ACT as a treatment for moral injury in building a broader repertoire of behavior.

This training is worth 2 CE credit hours if attended live. While we can only provide CE to those who are present  i.e. logged in  for live presentation(s), all Praxis webinars are recorded for later viewing. Registrants may then access these recordings at any time for up to six months from the conclusion of the training to which they pertain.

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