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Matthew Boone, LCSW
8 CE hrs.

Kirk Strosahl, PhD & Patti Robinson, PhD
16 CE hrs.

Louise Hayes, PhD & Joseph Ciarrochi, PhD
16 CE hrs.

Kelly G. Wilson, PhD
13 CE hrs.

Robyn D. Walser, PhD
12 CE hrs.

Kelly G. Wilson, PhD
12 CE hrs.

Michael Twohig, PhD
12 CE hrs.

Lisa Coyne, PhD & Evelyn R. Gould, PhD, BCBA-D
16 CE hrs.

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With our upcoming in-person events and
live online workshops

Patricia Robinson, PhD, Kirk Strosahl, PhD, Thomas Gustavsson, MSC

September 9–13, 2024

30 CE hrs.

Lou Lasprugato, MFT

September 5–October 10, 2024

12 CE hrs.

Jennifer Shepard Payne, PhD, LCSW

September 13–October 4, 2024

8 CE hrs.

Siri Ming, PhD, BCBA-D,
Evelyn Gould, PhD, BCBA-D, CPsychol.,
Julia Fiebig, PhD, BCBA-D

September 24–October 22, 2024

10 CE hrs.

Jennifer Kemp, MPsych(Clinical),
Drew Carr, PhD

October 2–December 4, 2024

Up to 16 CE hrs.

Kristen Allott, ND, MS

October 3–October 24, 2024

8 CE hrs.

What Clinicians Are Saying

"Very few courses have had such an impact on my work and even fewer on my personal life. Highly recommended!"
Eugen S., Psychotherapist

"This is definitively one of the best trainings that I've completed. The structure was super thoughtful and the delivery of the ACT model made sense and was free from too much jargon... I'm already teaching and consulting using ideas from the training. Thank you!"
Susan W., Clinical Psychologist

"I was very impressed with this course. I found it to be very well-designed and well-organized. The instructors were helpful, clear, and effective. They presented concepts and intervention ideas that really expanded my set of available tools for working with young people... Working with adolescents and emerging adults can be challenging at times, but after this course I feel more confident in how I intervene in sessions with them."
Andrew M., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"This course was extremely helpful, and each module gave me tools I could immediately apply to my work with clients. Kirk and Patti cover not only technical aspects of FACT but also they model and teach a way of being with people that is so accepting and open. I am learning to apply FACT principles of open, aware, and engaged to my own life, which allows me to bring so much more to the counseling process. I have copious notes that I will return to over and over again!"
Maryam K., MA, LPCC

"This is the best online training in ACT I've had. It has inspired a greater sense of possibility in my work and helped by seeing the connections between ACT and other approaches to therapy that I value (e.g. MI and IFS)."
John B., PhD

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