ACT Webinars Season 4: Session 06

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Jonathan Bricker, PhD
February 13, 2018, 1 pm—3 pm EST

People struggling with addictions often suffer from tremendous shame and self-judgment. Helping our clients overcome these problems is challenging and relapse rates are high. Fortunately, recent advances in behavioral science give a hopeful option for us to provide our patients effective tools to overcome addiction. Jonathan Bricker, PhD, will walk you through his team’s well-tested ACT-based program to help you get your clients unstuck from addictions. Dr. Bricker will introduce attendees to our model and show the scientific data supporting it. This will include experiential exercises for illuminating the core principles, including opening client willingness to have cravings and not act on them as well as cope with shame and self-judgment associated with addictions. Finally, you’ll learn methods to integrate digital technologies into your addiction treatment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the challenges of current standard treatments for addictions.
  2. Describe the latest findings on ACT addiction treatment from Dr. Bricker’s lab.
  3. Describe Dr. Bricker’s ACT-based model for treating addictions.
  4. Demonstrate techniques for helping clients be willing to have cravings and not act on them.
  5. Demonstrate methods to integrate technology into your treatment of addictions.

This training is worth 2 CE credit hours if attended live. While we can only provide CE to those who are present  i.e. logged in  for live presentation(s), all Praxis webinars are recorded for later viewing. Registrants may then access these recordings at any time for up to six months from the conclusion of the training to which they pertain.

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