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How I Get By With a Little Help From The Avengers

Author: Janina Scarlet, PhD Have you ever had a client ...
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DBT: Practical Skills for Everyday Living

Author: Shelly Frank, PhD On January 20th of this year, ...
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Using ACT To Evolve Society and Reduce Poverty

The following is an excerpt from The Nurture Effect: How ...
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RFT and Early Intervention

Author: Siri Ming, PhD, BCBA-D For behavior analysts working with ...
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Poocano: Finding Flexibility in OCD

Author: Ben Sedley, PhD, PGDupClinPsyc A cute little model train ...
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My Clients Are Doing Exposures and Still Getting Stuck!

Author: Patricia E. Zurita Ona, Psy.D., Dr. Z. Anya, a ...
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How Good Are Your Empathy Skills… With Clients? And Loved Ones?

Author: David D. Burns, MD Most mental health professionals believe ...
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Psychological Flexibility: A Tool for Working with Difference

Author: Matthew Skinta, PhD, ABPP The U.S., like much of ...
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What Does “Mastery” in ACT Mean?

In part 1 of this 7-part interview, acceptance and commitment ...
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