Women and a New Diagnosis: Gender Inequality Disorder

As a clinical psychologist and a woman, I am interested in women’s mental health. I will often ask myself questions such as, “Why do women get diagnosed with mental health disorders twice as often as men?”1 And then I pause and ask again: “No, really, why do they?” Is it that women are more vulnerable to stress? Is it that women are more emotional and so are more likely to be considered disordered? There are a number of theories rolling around in the research literature. But I want to focus on something that I think is more powerful and insidious – gender inequality.

How Mindfulness Works: Avoiding Avoidance

By Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD, Center for Mindfulness & Compassion, Harvard Medical School What traps people in anxiety or depression, drives us to overindulge, perpetuates chronic pain, or gets us stuck in jobs or relationships? A big factor is avoidance.   Avoidance is evolutionarily hard-wired in our brains. Our brains developed for survival, and avoiding …

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Outcomes with ACT: Behavior in Context

A big difference between acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and most other treatment approaches is the treatment of human suffering.