ACT Webinars Season 4: Session 10

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Max Trenerry, PhD, LP
March 20, 2018, 1 pm—3 pm EDT

Athletes often struggle with emotions during training and competition. The euphemism “control the controllables” is often heard in the competitive sport environment, and athletes will strive to push away or out-muscle unwanted thoughts and feelings. This webinar will show you how to  use ACT and the ACT Matrix in your work with athletes and teams. You’ll learn to use the previous performances of athletes to help them re-establish previously successful, and more workable, behavioral (cognitive, emotional, and motor) patterns while acknowledging the presence of unworkable responses to sport situations and contexts. Value development, maintaining self in the present, and defusing from both “high” and “low” emotions will be demonstrated in team work in this webinar.

Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate skill in helping clients develop athlete and team values, and link these to appropriate levels of goal setting.
  2. Discuss athlete awareness and reaction to the game environment.
  3. Demonstrate using previous athlete performance to return to, or improve upon, a previous level of performance.