ACT Webinars Season 5: Session 07

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with Joanna Arch

ACT is well-suited to address the potent intersection of psychological, cognitive, existential, physical, and medical decision-making challenges faced by many people with cancer. Being diagnosed with and treated for cancer can trigger intense fear and uncertainty, lead to elevated anxiety and depression, and result in cognitive and physical symptoms that impact core life domains. Existential and end-of-life care decisions also feature prominently, particularly within incurable cancer. These challenges are similar to those faced by adults with other forms of serious disease. In this episode, you’ll learn how to apply classic ACT tools to address the numerous challenges that arise in the context of cancer, with relevance for serious disease more broadly.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the challenges faced by patients with cancer and cancer survivors and how to conceptualize them in an ACT framework.
  2. Discuss how to adapt classic ACT tools to address a broad range of supportive needs within cancer.
  3. Learn how to tackle end-of-life issues within an ACT framework.