ACT Can Help You Do More With What You Have

workshop attendees taking notes

ACT BootCamp® is a 4-day, live intensive training that is designed to familiarize clinicians with the core concepts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT is not a set of techniques as much as it is a set of processes you can detect and change.

Almost regardless of clinicians’ specific background, you already have methods that fit with an ACT model. That means you can begin to do ACT by using methods you have, only in a different way that empowers their impact. Once there, it is easy to add specific ACT techniques and method to your skills set, and conversely to use existing methods to do more.

The upcoming ACT BootCamp® will be in Philadelphia on October 24-27. You can learn more about it here.

As clinicians, we all tend to get attached to our “team” or “group”, and identify ourselves with the therapy we practice. “I’m a CBT therapist, and therefore I would never do ACT.” Or, by the same token, “I’m an ACT therapist, and therefore CBT methods are not going to be helpful to me.”

While these distinctions may be useful in defining a set of ideas or practices, they can blind us to new ways to be helpful in the therapeutic setting. We all want to do what works. We all want to “do more with what we have”.

All methods that are known to be helpful – cognitive, existential, analytic, systems, behavioral, humanistic, relationship focused, and so on – have a place in the ACT model. What is important is when and why.

So this year at ACT BootCamp® we want to get beyond the “ACT therapists just do ACT” way of thinking and start looking at how ACT as a pragmatic model can be useful in the room regardless of your background or preferred psychological modality.

I hope some of you will join us. It should be an exciting camp. Every night we’ll have breakout discussions with the trainers. You’ll get one-on-one attention and the rare opportunity to get feedback and answers from ACT founders. Pre-registration ends September 12, so for the best pricing make sure to sign up before then.

Students in psychology and clinical training programs are also welcome and will get a lot out of ACT BootCamp®. We offer a deeply discounted student rate for those who are interested.

For complete CE/CME information for ACT BootCamp®, click here.

Join Us at ACT BootCamp® and Learn ACT Skills You Can Implement Into Your Practice the Next Day!