Free Video Lesson: Acceptance As an Alternative to Control in Healing Trauma

In this video, trauma expert Dr. Robyn D. Walser discusses the cost of trying to tightly control internal experiences in the wake of trauma, and what you can help your clients do instead.

Inside, she shares several client examples that demonstrate the effect of excessive and misapplied control in their lives. She then presents acceptance as an alternative to control, detailing three elements of acceptance that can help clients hold their experiences with more freedom and flexibility, allowing them to get back on the path of vitality and meaning in their lives.

This free lesson is an excerpt from Healing Trauma with ACT, an online course where Dr. Walser will teach you how to use acceptance and commitment therapy to help trauma survivors overcome suffering and lead more expansive and meaningful lives.

Inside the 12 modules of this course, you’ll learn how to apply ACT in trauma treatment to promote resilience, engagement, and positive change. Through video instruction, audio clips, written materials, and experiential and practical exercises, Dr. Walser will teach you the skills you need to help clients lead full and fulfilling lives. You’ll learn to help them be more open to experience while being fully present and engaged with their personal values, so they can be free from trauma’s grip and build the life they want.

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