Free Video Lesson: An Experiential Introduction to DNA-V

The most effective way to introduce DNA-V to a young person is to help them gain an experiential understanding of it, rather than trying to explain it to them. The same goes for adults! In this video, Dr. Louise Hayes guides a young participant named Tess through a simple yet powerful exercise that exemplifies the core skills at the heart of the model — discoverer, noticer, adviser, and values. You’ll see how helping young people better understand and embody these roles can foster a deeper and more compassionate sense of self.

This free lesson is an excerpt from DNA-V for Young People, an online course where you’ll learn how to engage and empower young people using DNA-V, a therapeutic model created by Dr. Louise Hayes and Dr. Joseph Ciarrochi, leading experts in using acceptance, mindfulness, and positive interventions.

Inside the 7 modules of this course, you’ll learn practical theory and tools based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), developmental science, and positive psychology principles that speak directly to the needs of adolescents and young adults. Through video instruction, exercises, and unscripted demonstrations with groups and individuals, the trainers will teach you the accessible DNA-V model and show you firsthand how to use it to vitalize your work.

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