Free Video Lesson: Helping Caregivers Build Nurturing Environments

How can parents raise adaptive, connected, and self-sufficient children? In this free video lesson, Dr. Lisa Coyne discusses what effective parenting looks like from evolutionary and contextual behavioral perspectives.

Inside, Dr. Coyne discusses how an effective caregiving relationship creates a safe harbor for the child, giving them a nurturing base from which they can explore and then seek support when needed — as well as how a parent can adapt their approach to the phases of their child’s development in order to provide the right level of support at the right time. She’ll also explore how clinicians can provide a similar context for parents, creating a nurturing environment that supports exploration and creates room for mistakes while adapting to parents’ needs in a particular moment.

This free lesson is an excerpt from Empowering Parents with ACT, an on-demand course taught by Dr. Lisa Coyne and Dr. Evelyn R. Gould, current leaders in integrating ACT with evidenced-based parenting interventions to empower caregivers.

Inside, you’ll learn how to incorporate broader parenting context into your functional analysis or case conceptualization and design interventions that support psychological flexibility in caregivers. You’ll also learn how to meet parents where they are, create a compassionate and collaborative context, and teach ACT-based skills that support them to be more flexible, engaged, and persistent.

With these skills, caregivers will be better equipped to implement effective interventions, model flexibility, and support their child in reaching their greatest potential.

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