Free Video Lesson: We Yearn for Belonging

Humans yearn to belong and to care for others because of our origins as primates living in small tribes. We are biologically wired to track what other people need and to reward those that we see are being cooperative and helpful to others. Yet as judgmental, problem-solving language takes hold, we feel we will belong only when we’ve earned our place in the group by being special — for instance, either through an exceptional achievement or need. In the name of belonging, we defend, lie, and hide, and we compare ourselves to others.

In this video, Dr. Steven C. Hayes explores the trap the mind creates in its attempts to meet our core human yearnings. He then looks in depth at one of the biggest yearnings of all: our yearning to belong.

This free lesson is an excerpt from ACT Immersion, a fundamental online course where you’ll learn how to use acceptance and commitment therapy from Dr. Steven C. Hayes, one of the movement’s initial co-founders and leading ongoing propagators.

Inside the course, you’ll learn how to read the 6 psychological flexibility processes and target them with a wide range of exercises. Dr. Hayes demonstrates first-hand how to effectively and skillfully apply ACT through clinical tapes, experiential excises, and “real plays” — unscripted conversations about real-life scenarios.

After completing this course, you’ll have a clear understanding of the underlying processes of change and the ability to see and identify them using the Hexaflex model. This will allow you to flexibly and creatively apply ACT in your own practice and use your existing therapy arsenal even more effectively to create lasting impact for your clients.

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