The Secret to Working Less For Faster Results With Your Clients

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By Benjamin Schoendorff, MA, MSc


Imagine you could work less while helping your clients more. In addition to your clinical effectiveness increasing, you’d have more energy to engage in what’s important to you beyond work.


Therapists find that the most useful workshops focus either on building clinical skills or honing our self-care skills. Participants of my workshops consistently report it combines both dimensions.


The six steps approach to delivering ACT with the matrix lets you explore a set of psychological flexibility building exercises from three valuable perspectives.


As a client, you’ll experience the power of each exercise. As a practitioner, you’ll learn how to deliver it in the most effective way. As an observer, you’ll see how each nurtures a strong and authentic therapeutic relationship.


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Research data suggest these steps are effective, including with “difficult” clients.



The heart of the approach lies in the power of pointing and noticing, freeing both client and therapist from the need to explain, and the danger of getting stuck into conceptual discussions.


Anna, a clinician from Italy describes her experience of the workshop:


“It’s had a great impact on my clinical and training practice. Immediately after, I had new ways of speaking and interacting with clients, metaphors, and experiential work to use in session.”


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