Blaise Aguirre, MD

Blaise Aguirre, MD, is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, and an expert in child, adolescent, and adult psychotherapy, including dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), He is founding medical director of McLean 3East—a continuum of care using DBT and related techniques to treat complex psychiatric disorders including borderline personality disorder (BPD) . Dr. Aguirre has been a staff psychiatrist at McLean since 2000, and is internationally recognized for his extensive work in the treatment of mood and personality disorders in adolescents. He lectures regularly in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East on DBT and BPD. Dr. Aguirre is author of many books including Borderline Personality Disorder in Adolescents and Depression (Biographies of Disease), and coauthor of Mindfulness for Borderline Personality Disorder, Coping with BPD, DBT for Dummies, Helping Your Troubled Teen, and The Unwanted Thoughts and Intense Emotions Workbook.

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