Denisha Gingles, MS, LGPC, BCBA, LBA

Ms. Gingles synthesizes social justice pedagogy with contemporary behavioral science. She brings a rich experience of community organizing and activism to bear on evidence-based approaches to behavior change. Her work takes a radically compassionate approach to igniting behavior change needed to produce systemic social change. She works toward social justice on multiple fronts, including community organizing, professional workshops, scholarly writing, and serving as Guest Editor for Behavior Analysis in Practice. Ms. Gingles has directly shaped personal, local, and organizational change, while concurrently instilling accountability and optimism for a better tomorrow.

She is the owner of two organizations and a Ph.D. student. Her solo practice, Whole Self Liberation Counseling, is dedicated to promoting paradigm shifts with the purpose of emitting personal and collective change. She encourages individual attention to unworkable and community-hindering behaviors, in the service of evoking liberatory action that counters internalized racism and Anti-Blackness conditioning. In addition to influencing internal and external revolution, her group practice, Signature Behavioral Health, focuses on uplifting and supporting underestimated families with neurodivergent and/or disabled children. She offers applied behavior analysis therapy with a strengths-based and trauma-informed approach to help improve the lives of the family unit.

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