Erin Bertoli, BCBA

Erin is a former special education teacher, board certified behavior analyst, and certified yoga teacher (RYT200). Erin has spent over 20 years working in schools and homes and has been board certified for over a decade. She has recently focused her attention on contextual behavior science and the vast utility of mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) and yoga in fostering strong social and emotional development in youth, and supporting the wellbeing of teachers, fellow clinicians, and caregivers. As a mother of 3, Erin is committed to self-care and maintaining a strong work-life balance, which she has found through the 6 core processes of ACT, and her new mission of practicing and teaching ACT-Infused Yoga. Erin has trained and/or received mentorship under Mark Dixon, Tom Szabo, Jonathon Tarbox, Evelyn Gould, Louis Hayes, Stu Libman, Siri Ming, and more. She has experience implementing the AIM curriculum and the DNA-V model, working with the ACT Matrix, and using ACT to enhance caregiver training and treatment fidelity of staff. She has presented at ABAI on the vast utility of ACT, as well as Increasing scope of competence in ACT and is involved in multiple research studies focusing on ACT. She provides ACT mentorship and runs ACT peer groups through Mindful Behavior, LLC.

Upcoming Workshops & Courses: