Jason Luoma, PhD

Jason Luoma, PhD, is a leading researcher in the area of shame, self-stigma, and interventions for those difficulties. He is also co-founder of Portland Psychotherapy Clinic, Research, & Training Center, a unique research and training clinic where proceeds from services go to fund scientific research. Jason is an internationally recognized trainer in ACT, former chair of the ACT Training Committee, and author of Learning Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a book popular with professionals for its mixture of sophistication and accessibility.  He was elected president of the Association for Behavioral Science in 2014. He has over 30 publications on shame, stigma, and ACT including publishing first randomized trial of an ACT approach to shame, which was published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. He also maintains a clinical practice focused on helping people with chronic shame and self-criticism to develop more self-compassion.