Nicholas M. Berens

Dr. Berens received his Ph.D. in behavior analysis from the University of Nevada under the supervision of Dr. Steven Hayes. He has served on several professional boards including the Standard Celeration Society, Nevada Association for Behavior Analysis, and the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science’s education special interest group. Berens is an experienced applied researcher and has published and presented in the areas of core behavioral process related to language and development, the merits of the scientist practitioner model, Relational Frame Theory, Precision Teaching, and program evaluation. He and the Fit Learning team have implemented the system with over 1,500 children ages 3-18 years old. Dr. Berens is currently operating Fit Learning’s Tri-State area lab’s and assisting in the refinement of the model with a focus on more efficiently disseminating the model. He currently lives in Long Island with his wife and two children.

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