Free Video Lesson: The Three Pillars of FACT

Many practitioners can spend several sessions on case assessment before they even get to an intervention. 

This works in some scenarios. In others, they may not have that much time.

It’s with this in mind that Dr. Kirk Strosahl and Dr. Patti Robinson created focused acceptance and commitment therapy (FACT) — a system for applying ACT’s core principles with speed and efficacy so you can make the most of every minute with clients. 

In this free lesson, Dr. Robinson will guide you through three core response styles, also known as pillars of flexibility, for easier use on the fly. These pillars provide a framework for streamlining the ACT psychological flexibility model, focusing on one problem at a time, showing how small changes can have big impacts, and helping clients improve quickly.

This lesson is an excerpt from our online course, Focused-ACT for Brief Interventions, led by Dr. Strosahl and Dr. Robinson.

In 6 content-packed modules, you’ll learn the FACT structure for organizing sessions effectively and tools for quickly assessing a case and creating impactful interventions. Throughout, the trainers will guide you through insightful video instruction, clinical roleplays, and practical exercises to help you personalize and apply what you’ve learned.

After completing this on-demand course, you’ll have a set of concrete steps and strategies for quickly building psychological flexibility and making a difference with any client in a short amount of time.

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