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Magic ACT: Transforming Pain into Purpose

Author: Lou Lasprugato, MFT, Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer What if in ...
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People Are Not Broken, Only Trapped

Author: Kirk Strosahl, PhD As long as people follow unworkable ...
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I Attended an ACT Workshop for Behavior Analysts… Now What?

Author: Alyssa N. Wilson, PhD., BCBA-D, LBA Since I first ...
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Observing and Defusing Thoughts with ACT

Author: Steven C. Hayes, PhD With virtually all clients, sooner ...
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How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Helped Me Become a Better Therapist

Author: Matthew Boone, LCSW Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), said ...
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Positive Thinking: Helpful or Hindering?

Author: Matthew Boone, LCSW Having a mind is hard. You ...
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Expanding the Impact of ABA with ACT: New Tools for a New World

Author: Kenzie Davison, MA, BCBA ACT in Action Many applied ...
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Taking the Next Step with CBT—An Interview with David Burns, MD

The following are excerpts from Mark Gilson's interview with David ...
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Overcoming Burnout: Moving from Empathy to Compassion

Author: Ronald D. Siegel, Psy.D, Center for Mindfulness & Compassion, ...
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